Pinewood Derby 2000

One last minute modification.

Cars in the staging area.

Time for Best of Show voting.

Waiting for the race.

Almost our turn.

The field of cars.

Hey is that a shark?

The winner is in there somewhere.

The fans.

I hope I win, I hope I win, ...

Looks like a close heat.

The shark car, ready for the first run.

Evan, Stephen, Michael - 1, 2, 3

Nick gets ready for a head-to-head run.

Another third place for the shark.

The shark gets first in lane 4, but you can't see it.

Another close finish.

Waiting for the standings before the last heat.

Mr Gill gets the cars ready.

Thats the eventual winner in white.

Too nervous to look.

Gather around for the results.

Best of Show, Second Place, First Place

Best of Show, what a surprise!