Flat Stanley Goes To Norway

Working on the Airport

Outside the substation

Each runway has two electrical substations that control the lights. This is where my system is installed.

Inside the Substation

The system is in that cabinet in one room of the substation.

FredOve and Pat Working

Fred Ove and I are preparing to test the taxiway lights.

One of the control systems

Flat Stanley gets a closer look at one of the control systems.

Elevator to the tower

After nightfall, we take the elevator to the control tower to do more testing. We need it to be dark so we can see the lights.

Air Traffic Controller

One of the Air Traffic Controllers helps us with the test.

Riding in OSL van

Jon Bjarni Gudsteinsson escorted us back to the substation on Sunday.

Driving OSL Van!

Flat Stanley gets a look at the van from the driver's seat.