Flat Stanley Goes to Norway

The trip over

Leaving Columbus

Here is Flat Stanley at Port Columbus getting ready to check in for the exciting trip to Oslo, Norway. We will fly to Newark, NJ and then to Oslo.

In SAS Lounge at Newark

Once we get into Newark, we are lucky enough to get upgraded to Business Class. We spend about four hours waiting for the flight in the Business Class lounge.

My Window Seat 6A

Guess what? Flat Stanley gets a window seat for the seven hour flight. He even gets two pillows to sit on. We have two meals on the plane, dinner just after takeoff and breakfast just before we land.

In the Boeing 767 Cockpit

Just before landing, the pilot invites Stanley into the cockpit for a quick look around. One of the stewards holds me for a picture. When we land it will be 9am in Norway. We lose 6 hours in flight, it is only 3am back home. We won't get to bed until 10pm, the jet lag will kick in about 3 in the afternoon.