Flat Stanley Goes to Norway

Hi, My name is Pat Murphy. I am a self-employed software engineer from Columbus, Ohio. I am headed to Norway to upgrade the airfield lighting system at Oslo's New airport. On my trip, I am accompanied by Flat Stanley. My son Michael and his third grade class prepared Stanley. They attend Mrs. Humbert's and Mrs. Davis' class at Norwich Elementary School in Hilliard, Ohio. Our adventure begins, with the trip over to Norway. Follow the link below to see pictures from the flight.

The Trip Over

Next we will meet some of the people, I am working with on the project. Follow this link.

The People

On Friday evening we got done early so we decided to take the high speed train to Downtown Oslo. The train was added when the airport was built to get passengers quickly from the airport to the city.

Train Ride

We spend a number of days upgrading the computer systems and testing. The computers are spread around the airport. Some are near the runways and some are in the control tower. My computers are located near the end of each runway in an electrical substation.

Working at the Airport

At the end of my trip I turned over Flat Stanley to a Norwegian associate, Torbjorg. Stanley's adventure will continue from her family. Click on this link for a picture of Stanley and Torbjorg.

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